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Work experience

Pingsure Dec 2013 — Present

FounderPingsure helps you test all your webapps customer interactions. In case, an interaction is broken, it informs
you through mail. These testcases are run every hour on production servers to ensure all interactions are
actually working.

Pingsure uses Selenium based testcases to ensure uptime of customer interactions.

Involved in the design and development of the project from scratch.
Technologies used are such as Ruby on Rails, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and Selenium (for browser based testing).

Hmpgr Sep 2012 — Present

Co-Founderhmpgr (pronounced as ‘homepager’) is a platform for personal productivity. We have built apps which are useful in keeping you organized (at a personal level) in your daily life.

hmpgr is a collection of very small and minimal apps through which you can do things such as:

  • track your running on a daily basis (Running app)
  • bookmark websites and access them anytime anywhere later on (Pins app)
  • and, there are few more examples
hmpgr platform gives you very fine-tuned apps (which also means much less complicated) for very specific purposes. You can choose to install only those apps which interest you.

Involved in the execution from design to development.
Technologies used are Ruby on Rails, MySQL, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3

Yahoo May 2011 — Jun 2012

Senior Software EngineerPart of Advertising Products Team, Developed an internal project called Information Radiator (involved development in Perl, HTML, CSS & Javascript using Catalyst MVC framework) and Data Analytics (involved using Hadoop, Pig, & Python).

Technicolor May 2010 — Sep 2010

Researcher (Intern)This was an internship at Technicolor, Paris, France.

Analyzed Technicolor’s worldwide high speed media delivery network. Identifying probe points for traffic and routing collection for minimum network impact with maximum visibility. Worked with Network Engineers, helping them configure routers (Cisco, Juniper, Extreme) for traffic collection.

Technologies: BGP, OSPF, MPLS, VRF, VLAN, Netflow, Sflow, SNMP, Expect, Perl

Information Sciences Institute Jan 2010 — Apr 2010

ResearcherThis work was done as part of my course curriculum at USC during my MS in CS.

Worked under the guidance of Prof. Young Cho at Information Sciences Institute Labs at USC. Worked on NetFPGA platform exploring network packet filtering at wire speed. Published two papers on NetFPGA based Logic Analyzer and Pattern Based Packet Filtering using NetFPGA in DETER.

Amazon Apr 2009 — Jun 2009

Operations EngineerAnalyzed code management and release processes and suggest optimizations. Also maintained the developers integration code samples available on AWS site.

Technologies: Java, Ruby, PHP, C#, Python, Shell, CVS, SVN

Guavus Feb 2007 — Nov 2008

Team LeadResponsible for design, coding and delivery of two backend modules Data Mining Engine (DME) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Also did multiple deployments on networks of customers such as Sprint & Geant.

Technologies: C/C++, Perl, Shell, IPC, BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, MPLS, Netflow, Sflow, SNMP

Encentuate Mar 2006 — Nov 2006

Software EngineerResponsible for feature enhancements in Single Sign On solutions and maintenance of installer code written in Visual Studio Installer.

Technologies: C/C++, Visual Studio Installer

Ensim Mar 2003 — Jan 2005

Software EngineerFeature implementations in multiple products of Ensim Web Hosting Management suite of softwares.

Technologies: C/C++, Perl, PHP, shell, rpm, PostgreSQL, Bind


References available upon request.


MS in CS Jul 2009 — Dec 2010

University of Southern California

BS in CS Jul 1999 — May 2003

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati